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Walter Montes

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Short personal bio

Walter is the CEO of Covalent, formerly know as WorldSibu. Covalent created Convector an open-source development framework for DLT smart contracts such as Fabric. Convector is used by thousands of developers and is typically referred to as the Ruby on Rails for blockchain. Walter has worked with companies like IBM and Microsoft and has been previously awarded as a Most Valuable Professional with Microsoft. Today he focuses on leading Covalent on its mission of making the DLT/blockchain technology more accessible for enterprises.

Short personal pitch

I've been working with DLT for a while now. Through our company, I've come to engage with hundreds of companies and developers building in almost any industry out there. We are focused every day on making the technology more accessible, on that space we believe our success has been by improving the developer experience (as an example Convector inside of Hyperledger Labs on boards hundreds of developers a month into the technology). I believe that I can provide help in guiding and improving the overall developer experience to make the technology mainstream and accessible to more companies.

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