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Vipin Bharathan

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Short personal bio

Worked for more than 30 years as a developer, development manager, architect in Finance, Digital media, embedded systems, Data platforms, Insurance. Broad interests, including socio-technical aspects of permissionless blockchains and all aspects of the Blockchain universe. Working as an independent Enterprise Blockchain consultant. 

I have worked in many other industries including during the founding phase of the digital media business for Audible in the late nineties. My work in applied cryptography there prepared me for the coming revolution in Blockchain. I have since been involved in zero knowledge proof standards work, participating in the first two zkproof standards conferences. 

Work with embedded systems and creating a dynamic linked library for the minix system helped me plumb the depths of challenges around ipc, networking and other topics which I find has applicability in various areas of the dlt solutions that we are building together.

I was a development manager and developer creating front to back solutions for Mortgage Backed Security trading, risk management and hedging in an international bank. I had worked on Front desk solutioning there for more than 15 years before I started researching Blockchain and transitioned to be their Blockchain strategist and digital evangelist.

Short personal pitch

I nominate myself for the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee.

I have been active in the Hyperledger community since its inception. I volunteered to draft the Hyerledger Improvement Proposal template, the first ever document created in the Hypeledger community. Since then I have actively participated in the community, as chair of Identity WG, as a participant in the Architecture and PSWG groups and later on advocating for a broader and more inclusive electorate for the TSC, including working groups and SIGs.

I contributed technical blogs, business to technical studies to help analyse ideas like Privacy & Security for the architecture sub-group and a provenance paper for the Performance and scale working group. As a member of the Hyperledger speakers bureau, I have presented on the Free and Open Source forum in Columbia university, Consensus 2017 and 2019 (on Ursa) and on many other occasions. I am also a Hyperledger technical ambassador and a lab steward.

My strength in the business use cases as well as my involvement in other DLT efforts like R3, EEA and DA helps me take a broad technical view of DLT and its place in the digital transformation of Enterprises; I have chosen to run for the TSC is to bring such a perspective to the TSC.

Recently, I helped launch and chair the Capital Markets Special Interests Group. This reflects my interest and experience in creating solutions for Capital Markets.Please vote for me to have an independent systems thinking representative on the TSC, who can bridge the behavioral, social, enterprise-centric and the technical, who works towards convergence of solutions and communities.

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