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Todd Little

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Short personal bio

Todd has over 40 years of software development and architecture experience ranging from developing device drivers for several operating systems, creating an object oriented runtime with concurrent distributed garbage collection, to a transaction processing platform capable of handling over 500,000 transactions/sec. Since joining BEA Systems by acquisition from Digital Equipment Corporation in 1997 and subsequent acquisition by Oracle, Todd has been involved in the development and architecture of Oracle Tuxedo, the leading transaction processing platform for distributed systems. Todd is currently the Chief Architect for Oracle Tuxedo and has 26 patents related to software development and transaction processing. For the last 3 years he has been involved with permissioned blockchains, primarily Hyperledger Fabric and is currently the security and performance architect for the Oracle Blockchain Platform based upon Hyperledger Fabric. Todd is active in the Hyperledger Privacy and Confidentiality Working Group and the Hyperledger Performance and Scalability Working Group, contributing to the papers those working groups are producing.

Short personal pitch

As an active member of the Privacy and Confidentiality Working Group and the Performance and Scalability Working Group I believe there is much work to be done in improving enterprise blockchain in these areas. As Hyperledger is an umbrella for many projects, we need to work to cooperate and learn from each project to push them all forward. My years of experience in building high performance transaction systems gives me the depth of knowledge necessary to work across groups and find commonality where possible. I believe the TSC should be helping the various projects focus on the aspects of their projects that make their projects unique, and collaborate on the aspects that they share with other projects. 1+1 can really be more than 2.

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