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Should the TSC move to terms of n years, with 1/n of the members being elected each year?

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  1. Proposal: Extend to 2 years. To get started, randomly select half of the members (rounded down) whose term gets bumped to 2 years immediately.

  2. 2 years with 50% up for election each year sounds like a good plan.

  3. I'm not so sure about this.  We've had TSC members basically fade out because their job responsibilities changed (or they totally changed jobs).  No one seems to want to resign, so we essentially get non-participants.

    I guess the argument for 2 year terms would be more continuity on the TSC.  But it seems like we already have that, so I'm not sure what problem this is solving.

    Arnaud or Gary, can you persuade me why this would help us?

    1. Perhaps extend the other proposal about losing your vote? perhaps we have a way for TSC members to "vote someone off the island"?

  4. I was thinking about this too. I think 50% each year would be good for continuity and also in my experience it took me a good chunk of the year to really get oriented and tuned in to the longer term debates/discussions.