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Should the quorum rules be adjusted, such that if you don't make it to some number of calls, your vote is removed and the vote for quorum goes down by one? If so, how do you earn your vote back?

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  1. I'd suggest the following:

    1.  You can always vote as long as you attend the meeting.
    2. After 2 unexcused meeting misses (i.e. you didn't notify the TSC chair you were going to be gone), you don't count for quorum until the meeting after you are back.

    I'd also suggest we allow people to excuse themselves ex post facto.  If you miss a meeting because you were in a car accident, for instance, it would count as excused if you told the TSC afterward.  Basically, as long as you communicate with the TSC chair about your meeting attendance, you should be excused for reasonable misses.

    What do people think about this?

  2. The governing board already has this rule codified. I recommend we just use that existing language and not reinvent the wheel.

    1. Can you link the rule?  Thanks!

      1. I was hoping you'd google it for me (wink)

        Section 7b:

        1. That document already applies the rule to the TSC.  So do we need to do anything here?

          (Maybe the rule was in place and we just weren't following it?)

  3. Thanks Dan for pointing this out. Unfortunately for some reason, while the first part clearly applies to the TSC, the last is limited to the Governing Board:

    "Any Governing Board representative who fails to attend two consecutive Governing Board meetings will not be counted for purposes of determining quorum requirements as of the third consecutive meeting and until they next attend a Governing Board meeting."

    This is what (or something similar) we are missing for the TSC.

    We could simply adopt the same rule.