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Stephen Curran

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Short personal bio

I have been in software and systems development for more than 30 years, building both SaaS implementations and applying DevOps principles before those terms existed. I've spent the last two plus years working in decentralized identity and the Hyperledger Indy community on behalf of the Government of British Columbia, and helped to drive the creation of the Hyperledger Aries project. I've written and contributed the Indy chapter of the Hyperledger edX course and have been instrumental in driving successful working groups in both Indy and Aries. Along the way, our team has deployed multiple Indy-based production systems, and created several codebases that have been contributed to Hyperledger. I'm a Hyperledger Technical Ambassador and once gave a presentation in place of Brian Behlendorf because he wasn't available (#ftw).

Short personal pitch

My pitch to be on the TSC are my actions over the last two years in building the community to grow the Hyperledger Indy and Aries projects, and promoting a focus on interoperability. I have had the luxury of working for a government (British Columbia) whose interest in Hyperledger is not in how they can grow their business, but rather on how the technology can improve the lives of citizens and enable the economy of BC in a global context. That has allowed me to be an independent community builder and to keep the focus on the "big picture"—getting to the right technical solutions for all stakeholders, including those not at the table. While not a developer per se, I have a firm grasp on the technology and on the business/human impact of the technology. I excel at framing discussions in that broader context, beyond just the technology.

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