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Nominee Name

Nye Liu

Nominated By

Katie DiMento

Short personal bio

With a background in networking/telecommunications and embedded systems, Nye has extensive experience with open source software collaboration, design, implementation, testing, and productization. At MRV, Nye designed and developed a broad variety of Linux based networking hardware, from layer0/1 long haul fiber monitoring and deployment, to the first generation of hardware based layer 2 ethernet switches, to big iron layer 3 and up enterprise routers and SDN gear. He has also has had first hand working experience in both standards committees and governance roles in collaborative consortia.

Short personal pitch

As the Principal Software Architect of Blockdaemon, Nye helps build cloud and protocol agnostic blockchain platforms that provide easy deployment, connection, smart contract development, and node management. He has spoken in Ireland and US at varies meetups on the challenges and successes in bringing Hyperledger Fabric to a production ready service. Being active in the Hyperledger community, Nye has continued to evolve the process of making it easier to launch Fabric nodes and connect communities together to progress Hyperledger projects and values making him a great candidate for the TSC. He is very active in both the Hyperledger mailing lists and applicable Rocket Chat channels.

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