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Mic Bowman

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Short personal bio

Mic Bowman is a senior principal engineer in Intel Labs and leads the distributed ledger research group. Mic has spent over 20 years working on large-scale databases and distributed systems. For example, he led the PlanetLab project that brought together more than 300 industry and academic institutions to develop and deploy a global testbed to support Internet architecture research. In addition to a Scientific American Top 50 award, PlanetLab won awards for long-term influence from SIGCOMM and Usenix.

Short personal pitch

Mic has been involved in Hyperledger since the beginning as the original architect for Hyperledger Sawtooth and the designer of the Proof of Elapsed Time algorithm for more power-efficient Nakamoto consensus. He currently leads development of the Private Data Objects lab that provides a cross-ledger capability for confidential computing. This work provides the research the underlies the Fabric Private Chaincode lab and the more recent proposal for the EEA Trusted Compute Framework. In addition, Mic has a long history of contributions in the white paper and architecture working groups where he currently leads the discussion on privacy and confidentiality.

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