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Jon Geater

Nominated By


Short personal bio

Jon Geater has 20 years of commercial crypto, hardware, and cyber security experience leading technology and product teams at the cutting edge of payments, mobile, aerospace, automotive and industrial security. He is dedicated to furthering the industry through open collaboration has founded and made significant contributions to successful industry standards in the areas of trusted execution, trusted computing, payments cryptography, and enterprise key management as well as serving multiple terms in official governing and technical positions in Hyperledger, PCI Council, OASIS, GlobalPlatform, and TCG.

Currently founder and CTO of Jitsuin, a blockchain-based cyber security company, Jon has previously been CTO of nCipher, ARM Secure Services Division, Trustonic, and Thales e-security. This experience has seen him managing very small teams up to very large international teams, and budgets from the low thousands in startups to over $10M in multinationals.

Short personal pitch

As Hyperledger grows in both scope and scale, we need to ensure that our reputation for quality and enterprise blockchain leadership are maintained. This means bringing strong technical leadership to bear not just on the individual projects and frameworks but also at the architectural and strategic level, ensuring that all the elements of the Hyperledger Greenhouse work best together and provide the kind of long-term consistency, stability, and quality that enterprises demand from their chosen technologies. I believe I can bring much experience and value to this and, if selected to serve on the TSC, am willing to work hard with colleagues in the TSC and the community at large to see it happen.

I firmly believe that blockchain and distributed computing will form the basis of the next phase of computing, and I would like to help Hyperledger be the place where that is made. This is why I spend a good deal of my time promoting Hyperledger in public, and very actively support and contribute extensively to the design and development of both Hyperledger Ursa and Hyperledger Sawtooth. I would now respectfully like to submit my nomination to serve you all on the TSC.

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