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Since a decision was made to create semi-annual reports, the CMSIG will be creating new bi-annual reports from now on.

Special Interest Group

Capital Markets Special Interest Group (CMSIG)

CMSIG Overall Health

The CMSIG meetings are held every two weeks and are generally well-attended. Meeting topics and guest speakers drive attendance.  We launched and created eThaler in Hyperledger labs, which is now being extended. A widespread demo is planned. The CMSIG is proposing a new lab for cross chain settlement. 


We have a diverse set of members and have had success with some great presentations. We have the challenge of gender diversity. The majority of attendees have a technical background.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

The CMSIG is very well attended. Some of the notable presentations and projects include  

  • Debt Capital Markets: Current pain points in bond issuance and potential Blockchain applications.
  • eThaler a Hyperledger lab, with frequent status reports, delivered a working version, modeling from TTF to ERC1155 in Besu- focus on standards.
  • Equities- Financial Market Infrastructure and the future role of DLTs
  • Smart Contracts for securitization: sc templates processes around analytics and securitization in general for all participants (Rating Agencies, Regulators, Investors, Trustees and servicers)
  • Matrix of regulations for DLTs by country.

Planned Work Products

Expand on eThaler, UI, roles and other extensions.

Presentation from experts on CBDC. What does it mean for capital markets?

xcsi a cross chain settlement instruction

Participant Diversity

This is a very diverse membership with global representation (including, but not limited to, member participation from China, East and West Coast US, England, Canada, Switzerland, India, and the different countries within the EU). Gender diversity is still a challenge. The Vice Chair is a woman, we need more female presenters. Out of our last three presentations, two were by women. We would like more members from non-technical backgrounds to add a different perspective to discussions.

Additional Information

None to date.

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