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Since a decision was made to create semi-annual reports, the CMSIG will be creating new bi-annual reports from now on.

Special Interest Group

Capital Markets Special Interest Group (CMSIG)

CMSIG Overall Health

The CMSIG launched the last quarter. There was a palpable need for such a broad Financial sector based SIG in Hyperledger. The basic use-case for Blockchain was financial, in the payments space.  We assembled a core team of collaborators before the . CMSIG Meetings are held every two weeks and are generally well-attended. Meeting topics and guest speakers drive attendance.


Bootstrapping a new SIG in an already crowded field is a challenge. However, we have a diverse set of members and have had success with some great presentations. As is with many groups in Hyperledger we have the challenge of gender diversity.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Creating a critical mass and creating numerous projects. There are  7 proposed projects. Some of them are listed below.

  • We created a taxonomy of Fixed Income Products, hoping to expand into an ontology project as the relationships and links are not just hierarchical. Also hoping to embellish with existing use cases targeting these products.
  • FIX, FpML, ISDA CDM, ISO 20022- Map to taxonomy to see where it applies- relationship to regulation. Presentation on ISDA CDM and blockchain. Derivhack coming up. Rosetta, the open source implementation of CDM will be open sourced this quarter.
  • Tokenisation-

Many of these will have definite work outputs this quarter (see below).

Planned Work Products

Starting the new decade properly, we have developed a preliminary roadmap. In the roadmap we will define the timeline for the various projects that we have. Two new workshops are proposed: one using TTF to implement a sample token in Besu. This will help us look at the end-to-end implementation including toolchain integration and other aspects. The second will be a workshop to define custody.

Participant Diversity

This is a very diverse membership with global representation (including, but not limited to, member participation from China, West Coast US, England, Canada, Switzerland, India, and the EU). Gender diversity is still lacking.

Additional Information

None to date.

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