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Binh Nguyen

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Short personal bio

Binh Nguyen is a Managing Director and a Distinguished Engineer at State Street Corporation, a co-founder and maintainer of the Hyperledger Fabric enterprise blockchain, a current Hyperledger TSC member, and a contributing member of Fnality organization. Binh is an enterprise trailblazer fueled by passion and curiosity, always seeking new path, new solution, new techniques. He is currently working on applying blockchain to regulated financial industry. Binh strongly believes in open source development with open governance that improves the ability of communities to try, learn, and adapt their way towards better outcomes.

Short personal pitch

Dear contributing members of the Hyperledger Community,

My name is Binh Nguyen. I am a current TSC member, and I wish to continue my TSC service to the community. I believe my contributions in the past years have been positively impactful to our community.

Since 2014, I have been a leading blockchain architect and developer on open source and enterprise projects. As a founding member and maintainer of Hyperledger Fabric, I have continually contributed to the project both in code and design. For example, recently I proposed cloud native deployment methodology for chaincode ( and organized collaboration between IBM and State Street to implement.

I have been actively working on the Architecture working group and contributed to our published and in-progress papers by writing and editing many sections. I collaborated with other developers to propose Hyperledger Ursa project, which provides reliable cryptographic implementations. As a TSC member, I have reviewed and commented on most proposals, including Besu, Grid, Transact to name a few.

Outside of our community, I participate in Fnality organization to use blockchain technologies to create a regulated settlement network of distributed financial market infrastructure. I intend to introduce Hyperledger technologies to Fnality and hope to open a path for collaboration in the future.

I am passionate about open source governance model and a strong believer in community development and sharing of ideas and technologies. If elected, I will continue to serve with my best ability.

Thank you,


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