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Baohua Yang

Nominated By


Short personal bio

Baohua Yang is currently the principal architect of Oracle's Blockchain, leading the development of Blockchain service and product. Before that, he has been working on advanced technical topics of distributed system (e.g., blockchain, cloud computing and data analytics) in IBM Research. His interests include Distributed System and Data Science, especially on emerging technologies such as Blockchain, BigData, Cloud and Machine Learning.

Short personal pitch

I’d like to nominate myself – Baohua Yang from Oracle – to continue serving on the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee.

I am very glad to have been contributing into Hyperledger project and community since its beginning in early 2016. As one of the earliest designers and contributors of the Hyperleger Fabric project, now I'm also leading the Hyperledger Cello and Hyperledger fabric-sdk-py projects as maintainer. Besides the technical contributions, I also serve as the Hyperledger ambassador and the co-chairperson of the Technical Working Group in China (40+ enterprise members with regular meetings and meetups). Besides Hyperledger, I have contributed in other open-source projects including OpenStack and OpenDaylight previously. All these experiences make me a real open-source enthusiast in both technologies and culture. I believe that open source will become increasingly important for humanity's future.

Now as the principal architect of Oracle's blockchain development team, I take a critical technical leadership role in designing the new blockchain product. My goal is to bridge blockchain with advanced data technologies and finally benefit both sides. My team has improved and promoted Hyperledger in terms of code contribution, working group, user cases and other activities continuously.

As a highly experienced R&D staff, I have been linked into the architecture, design, algorithm and system optimization areas for over 10 years, with leading the design and implementation of enterprise solutions and solving fundamental technological challenges. Meanwhile, I have published 10s of articles in top-quality international conference and journals (e.g., IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE Transactions on Computers), with technical books (One book introducing Hyperledger and blockchain was published in Aug 2017) and patents. And I have served as a TPC member for numbers of conferences and journals.

All these rich background and skills in distributed system, networking and blockchain technologies, with open-source contributions and community experience, make me an appropriate candidate for the TSC for the coming year.

My goal as a TSC member is to not merely help Hyperledger become more mature technically, but also help distributed ledger technologies be adopted in real business scenarios, with an active and diverse ecosystem of open-mind collaboration among community, industry and academia. I will continue to help people learn and adopt the advanced blockchain technologies more efficiently.

I believe, open-source technology will make the world better!

Thanks very much for your consideration!

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