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Nominee Name

Arun S M

Nominated By


Short personal bio

I am nominating myself to the Hyperledger Technical Steeting Committee.

I am a Software Development Engineer at Intel working in the Blokchain Program Office. I am an active contributor to Hyperledger in multiple projects. Apart from the open source code/document contributions I help to build local community of developers, keep myself active and answer questions on RocketChat. I have conducted Hyperledger Sawtooth application developer workshops for Engineering students, working professionals, blockchain enthusiasts.

I have also participated as a jury in Blockchain hackathons. Lastly have also helped to shape the Certified Hyperledger Sawtooth Administrator program by taking mock tests and giving feedback. Proof of Elapsed Time 2 would be first fully designed project under me.

I would like you to visit my LinkedIn profile to know more about me . RocketChat and GitHub ID: @arsulegai

Short personal pitch

My focus/research interests are in data privacy protection and security. Being a part of TSC my efforts will be focussed and encourage new ideas in this stream.

A cross industry standard is necessary to lead the community. I also aim to build a healthy community around, bridging the gap to get new developers.

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