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Andrea Gunderson

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Short personal bio

My name is Andrea Gunderson. I am a Senior Software Engineer at Bitwise IO. I have been working on the development of Hyperledger Sawtooth since Sawtooth joined Hyperledger. I am also one of the main contributors to Sawtooth Sabre, a WASM smart contract engine that, with the help of Hyperledger Transact, we hope to be able to leverage on other platforms. I am a member of both the Sawtooth root team and core team, parts of the Sawtooth Governance in charge of reviewing and approving Sawtooth RFC, which provide a clear roadmap for the Sawtooth project.

During that time I have also been involved in new projects that have recently come to Hyperledger. I am a maintainer on Hyperledger Grid and a sponsor and maintainer on Hyperledger Transact. I have been involved in many aspects of these Hyperledger projects such as design work and planning the future goals of the projects.

I also make an effort to provide support to the Hyperledger community. I am often on Rocketchat responding to questions and encouraging developers to start contributing. As apart of growing our community, I attend the monthly project contributor meetings to communicate the current objectives of the team. I also make an effort to attend the weekly TSC call to keep involved with the other projects and have provided the project quarterly updates to the TSC in the past.

Short personal pitch

It is important that the TSC includes members that are involved in the development of the projects themselves. I would like to be considered for the TSC because I can bring the perspective of a developer who has been involved in many projects and apply this experience to Hyperledger as a whole. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to Hyperledger is more diverse ways.

Thank you for your time

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