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Alan Krassowski

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Short personal bio

My software career spans over thirty years. I received a B.S. in Computer Engineering from 1986-1991 at Rochester Institute of Technology. I have been a software developer spanning a wide array of industries Continental Insurance, Quark (desktop publishing), Screenplay Systems (budgeting of films and narrative story creation), PrysmTech (point-of-sale systems for movie theaters), Tektronix (video streaming), STEP Technologies (shopping cart websites, mobile surveys), Etrieve (mobile access to corporate data). I have been a Software Architect at Symantec and Chief Architect at McAfee/Intel (cybersecurity), a Field Engineer at Ab Initio (fintech), Chief Architect at Cylance (AI-powered cybersecurity), CTO at ConsenSys Capital (cryptocurrency fund management) and currently a VP of Technology and Blockchain at Kiva (identity and credit ratings for underserved communities).

Short personal pitch

For over three decades, I have had a keen interest in creating software that allows people to communicate in novel and more effective ways. At Kiva, we are currently leveraging Indy, Aries, Ursa and Fabric, and we expect to contribute significantly to various projects under the Hyperledger umbrella. My background in a wide variety of software domains and applications should prove useful to rounding out the TSC, including my significant experience in software security, performance analytics and tuning, as well as blockchain technologies. Throughout my career, I have consistently built rapport and respect among the technical communities that I have been fortunate to be a part of. While I am relatively new to the Hyperledger community, I expect a similar pattern.

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