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11-Apr-2019 (7:00am - 8:00am PT)

via Zoom

Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: Hyperledger Code of Conduct

TSC Members


  • Arnaud Le Hors
  • Baohua Yang
  • Binh Nguyen
  • Christopher Ferris
  • Dan Middleton
  • Hart Montgomery
  • Kelly Olson
  • Mark Wagner
  • Mic Bowman
  • Nathan George
  • Silas Davis



  • Please Contact Huseby to Join the CI/CD committee which will be creating a proposal for the TSC
  • Proposal for translation support has been dropped into chat and we're seeking feedback on how it will work for the projects.

Items of discussion

  • Dave: my apologies for not being ready for the project readiness. medical issues got in the way.
  • Dan: once the ideas are together, circulate them on the mailing list so that we have a more thoughtful discussion before the TSC call to discuss it happens.

Quarterly updates

  • Sawtooth update
    • Dan: any questions or comments on the update?
    • Baohua: Sawtooth supports PBFT, how's the performance and scallability?
    • Dan: It's a Rust-based implementation.
    • Mic: How well does it run on large networks?
    • Andrea: We've been running tests on 10 node networks.
    • Mic: Have you tested fail-over and nodes that die?
    • Andrea: We have tested with nodes that are shut down and we've had some nodes fail due to hardware failures.
    • Dan: RFCs on some changes such as forced periodic leader elections.
    • Andrea: All of the RFCs are already implemented in the codebase.
    • Andrea: we are working towards a 1.2 release in the next couple of months that will contain the PBFT implementation. Also working on mobile SDK's for iOS and Android.
    • Mark: a question about contributor diversity. You talk about there being 13 different domains, is that 13 different companies?
    • Dan: parse the signoffs and count the number of different domains. There's 13 but haven't scrubbed for overlap.
    • Mark: it says 41 committers but only 13 domains.
    • Dan: so there's multiple contributors from the same company. that's a high water mark for the total number of contributors.
    • Ry: Any thoughts on making the script available to everyone?
    • Dan: Tracy's is better.
    • Ry: pull requests for Tracy's scripts are also welcome.
    • Chris: what did Tracy use for her scripts? Mine use git-dm.
    • Dave: she use git and bash scripts and unix utilities like unique and sed. The Rust bindings to libgit2 are amazing but that's a pretty heavy lift.
    • James: wasn't able to run Tracy's scripts due to access rights.
    • Ry: her scripts work against public repos.
    • Dave: there was a bug. a mistyped URL caused the problem. A PR was pushed and landed to fix the problem. I was running the script unprivileged and that's how I found the error.
    • Chris: what's the status on getting the vanity metrics and stuff? It would be useful to make them public.
    • Ry: We are working with the community bridge team to bring things to the public.
    • Silona: right now we're working internally with LF to get to where we'd like to be with regards to gathering those metrics. Ry, dave and tracy have been working behind the scenes to get us there.
    • Dan: her virus suddenly took a turn for the worse :rofl:
    • Silona: we're looking to get numbers off of github, jira, confluence, and chat. the progress has been slow. The CA team doesn't know how the teams are working without those numbers. We're just working within some constraints.
  • Fabric update
    • Ry: everyone has review it.
    • Chris: hoping to get kube support into 2.0. with regards to Ursa integration, it isn't currently planned but we'd be interested in getting a report on its maturity. with regards to idemix, we got most of it in 1.3 and the revocation piece is now in 1.4.
    • Dan: in what ways is idemix integrated?
    • Chris: idemix is in the java and javascript sdk's, but not sure if it is in the go sdk.
    • Baohua: it's not yet in the python sdk.
    • Chris: the support is there and idemix can be used. i think there is an example that shows how to use it.
    • Baohua: the documentation still says there are still some limitations. is there any plan to improve the limitations?
    • Chris: i don't know the answer but I'd have to research the answer. if you ask on the fabric-crypto list you can get the answer.
  • Architecture WG update
    • Mic: we're continuing to make progress. we are writing about the different platforms regarding identity and confidentiality based on our best knowledge. we've reached out to the different platforms for guidance and if you don't respond, you're stuck with what we write. please get back to us to clarify some things.
    • Ram: Mic's summary is correct.

Upcoming items

  • Ambassadors reboot (Silona Bonewald, postponed - waiting on contractor)
  • Project Readiness for 1.0 (Dave Huseby, April 11th)
  • Overall Engagement in Projects (Mark Wagner, Ry Jones, mid-April)


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