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Proposed Agenda

Please review the below draft agenda for this week's TSC call and let me know if you have any edits/additions. Notes in Bold require input. None of the new project or WG updates are ready for the call yet.

See the Calendar of Public Meetings for the next meeting and dial in details.

Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct:


  • Contributors Summit - still figuring out location dates are Aug 1,2 so that we can have two Days
  • HGF2020 Approved
  • CFP for member summit going out this week
  • Quilt Reboot again Next week.


** Hyperledger configuration for project management in construction Difficulty: Medium

Raspberry Pi Indy Agent Difficulty: Medium

** Analyzing Hyperledger Fabric Ledger, Transactions, and Logs using Elasticsearch and Kibana Difficulty: Medium, Former Mentor

Scaling Real World HLF Deployments Difficulty: Medium

** Git signing with DIDs Difficulty: Low

  • Continued Iroha discussion (TSC chair, March 21st).
    • Arnaud to continue the conversation on going from "active" to "incubation" and still approving 1.0 on TSC mailing list and report back.
    • Vipin to continue the conversation on the diversity number of other projects on the TSC mailing list and report back.
    • DCO report for Iroha (Dave Huseby, with help from Ry)
      • A message from Nikolai with a request for a document or decision where it is told which sign-off process (CLA hub? Git -s?) is approved by HL Governing Board and LF 

Upcoming reports

Upcoming items

  • Ambassadors reboot (Silona Bonewald, March 28th)
  • Testnets and CI/CD (Dave Huseby, March 28th)
  • Election of New Chair for Learning Materials Dev WG and discussion of best practices (Silona and Bobbi April 4th)
  • Hyperledger Indy moving to Active Status (Nathan George, beginning of April)
  • Hyperledger Indy indy-sdk moving to 2.0 (Nathan George, beginning of April)
  • Project Readiness for 1.0 (Dave Huseby, April 11th) – Dave's initial doc is here
  • Overall Engagement in Working Groups, SIGS, and Projects (Mark Wagner, Ry Jones, mid-April)
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