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14-Mar-2019 (7:00am - 8:00am PT)

via Zoom

Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: Hyperledger Code of Conduct

TSC Members


  • Arnaud Le Hors
  • Baohua Yang
  • Binh Nguyen
  • Christopher Ferris
  • Dan Middleton
  • Hart Montgomery
  • Kelly Olson
  • Mark Wagner
  • Mic Bowman
  • Nathan George
  • Silas Davis



  • Internship program update
    • 27 proposals
    • Need 10 to 20 volunteers to be part of the proposal selection committee. Open to all members of our community.
    • Must select 15 proposals.
    • Timeline is finalized.
    • Internship selection process ends May 9th.

Items of discussion

  • Proposal to change TSC meetings to every two weeks.
    • We're having a hard time clearing the backlog as it is.
    • No support for making this change.
    • No vote taken.
  • How to better handle the backlog.
    • All backlog items must have a name and date for discussion.
    • Backlog items automatically move to items of discussion in the TSC agenda on the dates.
    • Went through backlog and added names and dates.
  • Hong Kong Bootcamp Report
    • Statistic
      • 133 attendees, 110 on the second day.
      • About 80% of attendees on-boarded at least 2 projects.
      • Close to 50% on-boarded at least 3 projects.
      • A few did 5.
      • Indy had around 50 attendees.
      • Iroha had 20-30 attendees.
      • Fabric had 20-30 attendees.
    • What was good
      • Quite a lot of content done in Chinese increased engagement.
        • Live translation was done as needed and helped keep everybody engaged.
      • Developer-centric content was very helpful.
      • Translation of documentation was a big part of the event.
      • The table discussion format was much more efficient and direct.
      • The wiki was a great way to prepare people for the sessions (e.g. attendees arrived with downloads already).
    • Wiki changes
      • New plugin for facilitating translation.
      • New plugin for community construction of slide decks.
    • Questions
      • Mark: Do we have a way to track the conversion rate of attendees into contributors?
        • Silona: We do not have tools to explicitly track that yet, but we will. In the future we will be matching up Github ID's to LFID's for tracking this.
        • Nathan: They have received about 6 contributors already contributing to Indy. Cyberport has already invited Indy to come back in May for a follow-on event.
  • Contributors Summit Planning
    • Still trying to find an event location.
    • Working with LF Japan to find a location.
    • Indy SSI integration with LFID is being considered.
  • Iroha 1.0 Discussion
    • Close to an enterprise grade version of Iroha.
    • All features are implemented.
    • A few non-severe issues remaining.
    • They are running long-term soak tests on CNCF cloud.
    • Request the TSC to approve the release of 1.0.
    • Active for over 1.5 years.
    • All code is Apache 2.0 licensed.
    • Sufficient test coverage.
    • Documentation is translated into several languages.
    • Completed Core Internet Infrastructure certification.
    • Security audit has been completed and issues fixed.
    • Docker image has been pulled about 50,000 times.
    • A scala client library is being built by new contributors.
    • Remaining approval issues:
      • The diversity of maintainers/contributors are almost entirely Soramitsu employees.
        • A diversity plan that is being followed.
        • They want to attract companies to use Iroha and contribute back to the project.
        • Two companies are considering joining the Iroha project as users and maintainers.
          • Other companies seem to be waiting on the maturity level before committing.
        • One of the Iroha maintainers is developing educational material for classes at Innopolis University.
        • An Iroha project at universities in Japan and Slovenia.
      • Not all commits are in compliance with the DCO.
        • Some old commits are not signed off.
        • There is a plan to fix the DCO issue by rewriting history if possible.
    • Questions:
      • Nathan: With regards to university contributions, what kinds of engagement are you seeing from the universities?
        • Sarah: Right now, they are just using it as an instruction tool which will start in 2 weeks, so no contributions yet.
      • Silas: Does Iroha have a BFT ordering service and what needs to be done to bring it to a stable state?
        • Nikolai: The current algorithm is subject to network partition, Iroha is adopting a second phase of voting to solve the partitioning problem with YAC. Iroha is moving forward with the release without the BFT solution because it still needs more review, verification and testing. Iroha 1.0 will be CFT.
      • Silas: what kind of soak tests is the team running?
        • Nikolai: For now they run simple soak tests where they process 1 tx/sec in networks of 1 node, 10 node, 100 nodes and measure resource consumption. They will be running more tests on a 31 node VPS cluster on Amazon. More tests to come where they knock out nodes and confirm the correct behavior.
      • Nathan: Regarding DCO, we have done exceptions for DCO but it makes things much worse. Are the DCO issues internal to Soramitsu and why can't a history rewrite be done?
        • Nikolai: There are literally no sign-offs on commits from 2016 and 2017. Currently, doing the history rewrite is difficult because of outstanding pull requests. Once those PRs land, the plan is to archive the current repo and then create a new one with a rewritten history.
        • Chris: That level of effort isn't really necessary. A squash commit solution should be enough if all of the commits are from Soramitsu employees.
        • Nikolai: Some of the non-signed-off contributions are from external contributors.
        • Ry: In general when a project comes in, the procedure is usually to do a single squash commit.  There's no easy way out of this.
        • Dave: We need to do a more formal investigation where extract the non-signed-off commits, create a unique set of authors, remove the authors that are Soramitsu employees to get the list of external authors we need to get sign-offs from.
      • Arnaud: Do we need to do the DCO fix before the release?
        • Chris: 99.9% of contributors are coming from Soramitsu. Iroha is a single-vendor project. The plan is good, but we need to see a demonstration of diversity.
        • Arnaud: This project should not be "active". Because it is a single-vendor project, it should actually be in "incubation" and then making an exception for the 1.0 release.
        • Aleš: Rejecting the 1.0 release will hurt the project diversity.
        • Arnaud: The code is mature enough to qualify for the 1.0 release once the DCO stuff is taken care of. But the project should move back to "incubation" status due to the fact that it is a single-vendor project.
      • Vipin: Do we have numbers for other projects that show that other projects are single-vendor projects?
        • Out of time...

Quarterly updates

  • Nobody present from Explorer team.

Upcoming items

  • Continued Iroha discussion (TSC chair, March 21st).
    • Arnaud to continue the conversation on going from "active" to "incubation" and still approving 1.0 on TSC mailing list and report back.
    • Vipin to continue the conversation on the diversity number of other projects on the TSC mailing list and report back.
    • DCO report for Iroha (Dave Huseby, with help from Ry)
  • Ambassadors reboot (Silona Bonewald, March 28th)
  • Testnets and CI/CD proposals (Dave Huseby, March 28th)
  • Hyperledger Indy moving to Active Status (Nathan George, beginning of April)
  • Hyperledger Indy indy-sdk moving to 2.0 (Nathan George, beginning of April)
  • Project Readiness for 1.0 (Dave Huseby, April 11th)
  • Overall Engagement in Projects (Mark Wagner, Ry Jones, mid-April)
  • Election of New Chair for Learning Materials Dev WG (Silona Bonewald, TBD) 


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