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HYPERHACK 2020 - Registration Process

Steps are simple,

  1. We want to know who you are, this is where registration comes in. Note that participation certificate is issued as well signed by Brian Behlendorf. You don't have to submit proposal at this step.
  2. We want your proposal for further considerations. Edit your registration and upload the proposals.
  3. Keep hacking! Hope for the best, include screenshots in your proposal. Let the jury panel select the finalists.
  4. Finalists will be called for the final demo.

Note if you're uploading files multiple times, we will consider whichever is last uploaded.

Round 1 - Ideation/Proposal Submission (Closes on 23rd Feb)

  1. Login to the Zeeve account (Sign up if you don’t have the account yet). Copy the link if you are unable to click on the SignUp link.
  2. Go to Marketplace -> My Products -> Add Product. You can find Marketplace on top left corner/tab in your browser window.
  3. Provide Title and add team members under Add Authors/Contributors to your product.
  4. Select the Blockchain protocol your product is built upon. Select Others if you’re unable to find what you’re looking for.
    1. Note: You may follow the instructions for getting free Azure credits for quick prototyping your application on cloud.
  5. Add a small Description and (optional) Logo to your product.


           6. Provide Supporting Documents (this is how you’re impressing the jury panel in this round). The materials here could be a presentation, whitepaper or architecture document). Showcase your idea to the jury panel.


          7. For Round 1, you will be presenting your Idea to Hackthon's Jury. Select Publish my Idea in this section.


        8. Select Yes on Do you want to submit an entry for on going events? section. Remember to submit your entry for HyperHack 2020.

        9. Select the Problem Statement for which you want to submit an entry for and click submit.

Round 2 - Implementation (Time until the final presentation on 29th Feb)

  1. Login to your Zeeve account as created in Round 1.
  2. Go to Marketplace -> My Products.
  3. Select your product which you created in Round 1 and then click on Edit.
  4. Select Configure Product in the Configure Product section (change it from Publish my Idea). 
  5. Authorize your Github account when the Oauth window prompts.


      6. To make your product one click deployable, refer to these development practices (visit docs) for your protocol.

      7. Select the Github Repository which you want to configure with Zeeve and then click submit.


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