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Link to CMSIG Obstacles Paper - Draft

Please consider contributing content, headings, or ideas to the paper:

Draft Paper

Obstacles encountered implementing Hyperledger in Capital Markets sectors

Tech, business, compliance: What are your pain points or primary concerns in implementing your product vision?

  1. Customer assumption regarding blockchain>cryptocurrency - method for business sectors to understand the strengths and nuances of DLTs. Per 14 Aug 2019 meeting notes: Blockchain and capital markets – need to compartmentalize conversation. Token world – custody, institutional level. Blockchain – to run data and workflows. One obstacle – hard to frame or compartmentalize the conversation. Subgroups – digital securities compartment with its own obstacles separate from running a deal on blockchain where there’s no token. Education and acceptance conversation – invariable Bitcoin – not interested. Anything in the context that helps aid that discussion. 
  2. Interoperability and integration. Capital markets is not a new ecosystem, connecting to existing systems. Data type/standards conflicts.
  3. Tokens, no tokens. Trust, trustless. Contract networks – asset networks. How to bring together, to achieve their potential?

Obstacles in Capital Markets sectors that Hyperledger can offer competitive advantage

Tech, business compliance: If Hyperledger can address these current sector issues, it would be significant.

  1. Open and accessible. 
  2. AML, KYC, MIFID2 and GDPR 'doable' - increase of efficiency from a cost, time and reliance/security perspective
  3. Digital ecosystem.
  4. Collaboration over competition.
  5. Rebuilding trust - trusted intermediaries.
  6. Distributed ledgers potentially reduce costs and transaction times while improving security, control, resilience, and auditability.
  7. Smart contracts may model master service agreements or credit support annexes associated with derivatives instruments and provide ultimate transparency over contractual terms between counter parties.

Comprehensive survey of ethereum vulnerabilities, maybe relevant since many of these vectors can apply to any Blockchain.

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  1. Attached is a quick read from Accenture on Challenges in Capital Markets Technology. Are there a couple of ideas that resonate for this Obstacles discussion? Or do these ideas trigger additional thoughts on obstacles?

  2. This article notes the need for a 'trusted intermediary'. Are there obstacles in this report that can contribute to our work?

  3. This article notes key challenges. They may be on or off track, hoping they promote thoughts on a couple of obstacles we can explore deeper. Feel free to add better articles.