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  • Draw out front to back taxonomy for generic capital market infrastructure with variations on specific product lines
  • Impact of dlts and their place in the architecture (business, integration, infrastructure, regulation, market events, interaction between product lines) 
  • Risk calculation and scenario analysis: Analytical impact of dlts in pre-market, trading, hedging, day-to-day risk management, trading limits, FRTB,  
  • Specific use cases, current pilots and proofs of concept, and production case studies with opportunities and risk; as well as solutions for the identified problems
  • Cross-cutting architectural principles, performance and scalability, security, identity management, off-chain data, deployment and operation in regulated enterprises;
  • Standards in capital markets for data in flight and at rest, events and responses, privacy in light of dlts.
  • Conferences or meetups to connect face to face, submit papers, talks, presentations
  • Interface with companion SIGs like Trade Finance or Supply Chain to draw out common areas of concern and interactivity of solutions
  • Functional knowledge drawn from SIGs like telecom, best practices from SISIG as well as the knowledge drawn from Architecture, Identity and Performance and Scale Working Groups
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