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Going one step further than the Virtual Renewable Energy Network Project, this MVP concept will combine public and permissioned ledgers with mobile app data.

Using e-mission and meco2-phone from the OpenClimate Collabathon, we can record vehicle travel on a blockchain channel.  Then using each vehicle's fuel efficiency and standard emissions data, we can calculate the amount of emissions per trip and record those on the a separate channel, following the pattern from Multi Channel Data Architecture.  

Similarly, we could store emissions data for other forms of travel such as air on separate permissioned data channels. 

Finally, carbon offsets could be tokenized on a public blockchain ledger.

The application could then combine the data from different data channels on both public and private ledgers to offset emissions from travel.  This could be used to offset travel emissions, either by individuals, a parent organization for whom the trips are taken, or a collaborative group taking climate action.  

For example, a company or a group of drivers could use the app to track their driving and then pool their purchase of carbon offsets for their emissions.  We could then have the pool use a DAO or other governance scheme to determine which offsets to purchase.

A related idea is to record the energy charge and discharge at EV charging stations and certify them as carbon offsets, like this program from the Connecticut Green Bank.

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  1. A project among IBM UBS Innogy (Affine)  is relevant to vehicle emissions.