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Hyperledger Climate Action & Accounting Special Interest Group (CA2SIG) Q4 2020

This is the final quarter of the 1st year of the SIG. We are closing the year with 167 members in our mailing list!

The SIG has continued pushing 3 different working-groups, each with its own team leader. These working groups are:

  1. Climate Standards
  2. Carbon Neutrality
  3. Consumer Disclosure

We have held 22 meetings so far this year, have done 6 share outs and participated twice as a node in the Open Climate Collabathon.

What's Working Well

  • Bi-weekly calls have consistency, and we have a max group of around 10 recurring participants that give continuity to dialogues. At least one chair is always present in meeting to give continuity as well. 
  • New Member Introductions feature in every call is working well. We receive new members frequently. However, we don't necessarily get first timers to continue showing up. 
  • Working groups have significantly ramped up interesting conversations and get diverse members engaged. Some are working towards MVP developments, which will lead to more interest. 

Issues being faced by the group

  • We are having little activity to organize shareouts and webinars and promote them. The Chairs have little bandwidth throughout the week to organize and we may need to find some members more willing to take an active role on this.  
  • Working groups still have low engagement and support outside meetings, and will need more commitment to arrive towards milestones and products. 
  • Meeting still oscillate in 8-15 in attendance and don't go up, or at least we don't get new members that are consistently joining. More communication and outreach is needed, which falls back to issue in bullet 1. 

List of planned work products

  • Carbon neutrality certificate concept and MVP
  • Climate standards mapping exercise
  • Consumer disclosure MVP, connecting supply chains with carbon data for accounting
  • Active node in a climate accounting collaborative hackathon this November. 
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