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The consumer disclosure working group looks at ways of making customers aware, in a meaningful, understandable way, of the impact they bring about on the environment while going about their daily life.  This could mean for instance, one's impact caused by :

  • the products they choose to buy,
  • the modes of travel they choose
  • the companies they choose to buy from
  • Heating / lighting of their home

The intent is to offer easy information for an individual to be able to see impact / options in order to take informed decisions to take personal action in the reduction of climate impact

As a background the working group continues to build on the good work done by various teams in the Open Climate Project. This WG has a relationship of being a node in the Collabathon.

Example Themes

  • Consumer information in E-commerce journeys
  • The environmental impact of a supply chains for an end consumer
  • Consumer information related to personal mobility
  • Mitigation of one's environmental impact
  • The role of media in disseminating environment related (dis)information e.g. greenwashing by corporations or portraying products to be green by using green backdrops
  • The role of identity in enabling consumer disclosure

An introductory presentation :  follows here

For an overview of some of the projects please view this reckoner.

What do we do ?

  • Innovate on business models to further environmental information for consumers /
  • Seek industry partnerships for joint proof of concepts
  • Prototype tech platforms within sub product working groups
  • Organise events (eg. webinars, panels and hackathons) in the context of the Open Climate Collabathon

What are we currently working on ?

Please visit our GitHub :  consumer-disclosure-in-ecommerce

How to Get Involved

Join the General Meetings at the CA2 SIG and then join a specific working group meeting.

Communication Channels

These are the mechanisms that this working group uses to communicate.

Mailing List

This WG will use the general CA2 SIG Mailing List

Chat Channel

Collabathon's Discord Chat: 

# consumer-disclosure: Invite link >

Links to Ongoing Work

Access the Consumer Disclosure Working Group at the Collabathon's WIKI for more info.

Links to Completed Work

See the launch event of the 2020 Collabathon, where the CA2SIG acted as an Ambassador: 

Active Members


Karolina Gorna

Arnav Khanna

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