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  • State of Community
    • Projects - All
    • Working Groups - All
    • Labs - Ry
    • Events - Silona
    • Certs - Silona
    • Marketing/PR - Silona
    • Recruiting - All
    • Measurement/monitoring - Silona
    • TSC - All
    • Mentorship - Dave
  • Project Quality
    • Security - Dave
    • Licenses - Dave
    • Legal - Silona/Dave
    • Credentials - Dave/Clyde  
    • CI/CD - Ry
    • Testnet - Ry
  • Technical Support - All
    • Wiki - mostly Silona
    • Chat - All
    • Mailing list - All
    • Calendar - Mostly Dave
    • JIRA - mostly Ry
    • Github - mostly Ry

Discussion items

Daily Check-ins

Finish the CA wiki group move to Public

Do we want a Timeline for this wiki space?

Fabric Translation issue - Transifex not working

HGF - pages are up - time to recruit

Best Practices Badge - Documentation

TSC documentation issue

Community Survey?

Testnet - plan for the projects to get to Cloud Cert?

Weekly Check- in





Action items

  • Getting Learning materials group sorted Silona Bonewald  
  • Video studio Setup and test run Silona Bonewald  
  • Get HGF Video Bid finalized Silona Bonewald 
  • Finish 2 Video Script w Jessica Silona Bonewald 
  • ping Chat about HGF project kiosks Silona Bonewald  
  • ping Chat about HGF BoF tables Silona Bonewald 
  • Check up on Workgroups, Projects, and SIGs are recording their meetings at least posting notes Silona Bonewald  
  • Send email to TSC about final Calendar wiki page and Video David Huseby 
    • Turn old community calendar off and remove references to it in the wiki. David Huseby   
    • Add agenda item for to announce the change over and point to the wiki page David Huseby 
  • Meet with Steve Winslow about the possibility of automating license audit issue to JIRA pipeline David Huseby 
  • Make a cleanup pass on the Git patch set integrating Google FIDO team feedback David Huseby 
  • Make sure all project github repos link back to their wiki pages Ry Jones  
  • Besu Cert get a date set Silona Bonewald  
  • Fabric cert update 2.0  - when? two versions?Silona Bonewald 
  • Chat with Heather Kirskey on Cloud Cert Testnets Silona Bonewald  
  • Close Ambassador Program Silona Bonewald  
  • Talk Credentials with Clyde David Huseby Silona Bonewald  
  • 2020 TSC Election plan planning David Huseby
  • Security report to Governing Board David Huseby    
  • project updates have fallen off the TSC calendar. Ry Jones  
    • Add WG updates to WG calendars
    • Add Project updates to Project calendars