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Discussion items


License Scans

 Slide deck for end of year review

need  Ry Jones still

Maintainer's listing and contact info

Rocket Chat Issue

  • Education SIG using Slack
  • Metrics Issue / management issue
  • Community rebellion
  • no back channel encourage to bring to Chat and Wiki TSC decision
  • Policy decision made by TSC
  • Remaining neutral

New Labs - reporting of to TSC/ GB

Calendar status - turn off now?

  • These will be deleted on this date. David Huseby  

Review the new

  • De-dups?
  • Company Contribution - clean up campaign sketch on wiki Silona Bonewald  
  • Double check if Using Jira or GH Issues Ry Jones  
  • Doesn't let you type in a range so I can't do each year.

DCI survey

Does LF have an Open Meetings Policy - legal

  • Talk w Steve Winslow about what that looks like Silona Bonewald  

  • Security report to Governing Board David Huseby  
  • Year in review and year going forward


  • Check CI/CD on projects Ry Jones
  • Report on Check CI/CD for Aries Ry Jones  
  • CI/CD for Fabric block archive Ry Jones  
  • Place to report out on how each of the projects are going. 1-2 a Month Ry Jones  

Action items