The increasing adoption of EVM-compatible technology within financial services and the accelerating trend of tokenization of assets are some of the key drivers for enabling a collaboration space for enterprise users of Besu and code contributors of Besu to come together to support and help shape the evolution of Besu. The interests of these two groups are a perfect match for collaborating on the adoption and success of Hyperledger Besu Project.

  • Enterprise users of Besu in need of tech capabilities that meet enterprise requirements
  • Code contributors of Besu aiming to maximize the value and adoption of Besu

The mission is driving working sessions for enterprise users and code contributors to come together for:

  • Identifying challenges that enterprise users face when operationalizing Besu for enterprise use cases
  • Defining new features and enhancements that drive alignment between Besu and enterprise-level requirements

The main deliverables expected to come out of this WG include, but are not limited to:

  • A prioritized and detailed list of enhancements of existing features of Besu
  • A prioritized and detailed list of new features of Besu
  • A prioritized and detailed list of technical limitations of Besu
  • A list of recommended practices of Besu for enterprise use cases

These deliverables will shape an inventory of use-case agnostic enterprise features and non-functional requirements that code contributors of Besu can leverage for future releases of Besu.

Getting Involved

You are invited to get involved with the Besu Financial Services WG.  Here are some ways you can get started

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