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A page to keep track of engineers in charge of the Besu releases. Releases are scheduled around 9:30PT on the release date, and typically announced to the public ~24 hours after having been cut. 

Release DateRelease VersionEngineer 1Engineer 2Release Coordinator
November 1820.10.1RaiDannoTim Beiko
December 220.10.2DannoAbdelTim Beiko
December 1620.10.3AbdelDavidTim Beiko
December 30none

January 1320.10.4DavidKarimTim Beiko
January 27 21.1.0-RC1KarimRaiTim Beiko
February 1021.1.0-RC2RaiDanno

Tim Beiko

February 2421.1.0DannoAbdelTim Beiko 
March 8th (irregular)21.1.1AbdelRaiSajida Zouarhi
March 15th (irregular)21.1.2RaiKarimSajida Zouarhi
March 23rd21.1.3KarimRaiSajida Zouarhi
April 6th21.1.4AbdelRaiSajida Zouarhi
April 20th21.1.5RaiKarimSajida Zouarhi
May 19th21.1.6KarimAbdelSajida Zouarhi

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