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Mic: Anticompete code of conduct in effect.

The main discussion:  The Baseline Protocol with George Spasov.

Intro by Brian:  Impact of the Baseline Protocol on Avalon, Besu, Fabric, and other HL projects.


The baseline protocol is a way of thinking about the Master Service Agreement (MSA) and privacy/confidentiality to anchor data for sharing in supply chains.

  • Initial abstraction contributions by Ernest & Young, Microsoft, and others (see contributors link).
  • The MSA anchors the contract agreement in purchase orders, with discount, delivery, quality, and other business rules for contractural governance. 
  • MSA's are often used for long-duration purchase orders. e.g. automotive industry buyers/suppliers set the terms and conditions of model year agreements for the EDI between assembly plants and suppliers factories.


  • EDI 850 - blanket PO yearly
  • EDI 830 - forecast planning schedule weekly,
  • EDI 852 - inventory level daily
  • EDI 856 - advance ship notice hourly  

MSA implementations often unwrap EDI into XML and a big graph, there are no standard protocols for sharing the big graph, making sharing data very difficult to agree on. More so when the sharing inadvertently leaks commercial secrets such as production capabilities, pricing, or whatever is commercially sensitive data. Creating the need for privacy/confidentiality natives in blockchain projects.

  • Fabric private chain code (PDOs)
  • Cactus (isolated plugins)

ZKP > cryptography

  • Always one of the issues is who will pay for the extra cost of privacy/confidentiality.
  • Hiding/Binding > ZKProofs / NIZKP 

Current baseline protocol implementations

  • Public Etherieum based, but with ZKPs the gas cost turns out to be costly. An alternative may be HL Fabric (who does not use gas).
  • Fabric is mainly implemented in Go. Golang has few crypto libraries
  • HL is interested in supporting a baseline-protocol lab. 


The Lition whitepaper draws on work published by the HL Arch-WG and covers GDPR and ZKP:  A public blockchain solution permitting secure storage and deletion of private data —Draft


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