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Channel Guide for Hyperledger's Rocket Chat

Hyperledger projects use RocketChat instead of Slack now; you can join channels at You will need a Linux Foundation ID to login.

General Channels

  • #architecture - Discuss architectural aspects and differences of any Hyperledger project
  • #chaincode - Collaboration regarding CC development system or application chaincode.
  • #ci-pipeline - Discuss continuous integration and anything regarding testing including performance, workload generator tools, benchmark results.
  • #deployment-tools - Deployment tool chains for deploying Hyperledger across multiple IaaS/PaaS environments (AWS, Azure, OpenStack, Vmware, Cloud Foundry, Bluemix, Predix, OpenShift, Mesosphere etc).
  • #exit-criteria - Discuss exit criteria requirements and progress of projects from incubation to mature.
  • #general - generic postings and or questions when unsure of where else to post.
  • #github-invite - request to join the hyperledger github org: Please mention your github handle (@ryjones, for instance)
  • #graphql - Discuss using GraphQL as query/mutation interface
  • #grpc - Discuss grpc framework
  • #hackfest - Discuss HL hackfests.
  • #interledger - Discuss interledger protocol.
  • #identity - Discuss identity solutions, use cases, questions, requirements also see information on the identity working group at
  • #internetofthings - Discussions related to Internet of Things (IoT).
  • #logging-monitoring - requirements and tools that are needed for any Hyperledger project
  • #marketing - Help blockchain-based solutions bring their innovative solutions to market cost-effectively
  • #protocol - Discuss a common blockchain protocol. There are many messages from handshake to transaction to block synchronization. The objective is to define the structures of these messages, their extendability and rules.
  • #random - A place for non-work-related flimflam, faffing, hodge-podge or jibber-jabber you'd prefer to keep out of more focused work-related channels.
  • #requirements - Collaborate to collect and document use cases and develop all requirements for blockchain technology. Please see for information about the Requirements Working Group.
  • #slack-invite - request to add email domain to whitelist, or request individual email invite to this slack account
  • #sovrin - Sovrin Foundation specific discussion
  • #thailand - Hyperledger discussions among Thai implementors
  • #tsc - Technical steering committee discussion
  • #twg-china - Technical working group in China


Hyperledger Corda channels

  • #corda - Collaborate on Corda architecture and technical discussion

Hyperledger Ethereum channels

  • #ethereum - Discuss Ethereum contribution plus requirements and strategy

Hyperledger Fabric channels

Slack channel RocketChat Channel Purpose
#fabric-arch Deprecated Discuss general architecture of Fabric. Use #fabric
#fabric-ci-status #fabric-ci Autogenerated messages of Fabric builds
N/A #fabric-composer Discussion regarding Fabric Composer
#fabric-consensus-dev #fabric-consensus Consensus and orderer discussions
#fabric-cop-dev #fabric-ca Discussions about using and developing the fabric-ca (formerly known as the COP component. fabric-ca is a runtime component which issues cryptographic material which can be used to participate in a Fabric network.
#fabric-dev #fabric If you are unsure of where to ask your question, or have a general Fabric question, place it here.
#fabric-dev-env #fabric-dev-env Discussions about Fabric's development environment - vagrant env, scripts, docker images, etc.
#fabric-crypto Deprecated Security aspect of Fabric (Merged to #fabric-ca in Rocketchat)
#fabric-events Deprecated The purpose of this channel is to discuss the architecture and requirements for an event infrastructure for fabric nodes (Merged to #fabric-sdk in Rocketchat)
#fabric-gossip-dev #fabric-gossip Discussion regarding Fabric gossip protocol
#fabric-ledger-dev #fabric-ledger Technical aspects of the Fabric ledger.
#fabric-peer-dev #fabric-peer-endorser-committer Channel used for technical discussions of both endorsing and committing along with Gossip.
#fabric-maintainers #fabric-maintainers Discussion among the maintainers of the various fabric-related projects
#fabric-pr-review #fabric-pr-review Weekly review of outstanding PRs
N/A (newly introduced) #fabric-release Release-related questions, surveys, feedback, enquiries, requests, along with discussions of all sorts around: priorities, planning, schedule, milestones, and, of course, announcements!
#fabric-sdk-dev #fabric-sdk Discussion on SDK topic agnostic to programming language
#fabric-sdk-node-dev #fabric-sdk-node Discuss node.js SDK
#fabric-sdk-java-dev #fabric-sdk-java Discuss Java SDK
#fabric-sdk-python-dev #fabric-sdk-python Discuss Python SDK
#java-chaincode #fabric-java-chaincode Implement java chaincode support in the fabric
#playbacks #fabric-playbacks The purpose of this is to show developers’ most recent work. Keep checking back, the plan is to at absolute MINIMUM new playbacks every 2 weeks. Encourage to subscribe to the Hyperledger Fabric channel.

Hyperledger Iroha channels

  • #iroha - Discuss Iroha contribution plus requirements and strategy

Hyperledger Sawtooth Lake channels

  • #sawtooth - Discuss Sawtooth Lake contribution plus requirements and strategy


  • #blockchain-explorer - Collaborate about a blockchain UI for Hyperledger projects
  • #cello - Discussion on the Cello project
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