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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are derived in part from threads on mailing lists and slack channels.

1. What is the Hyperledger project? Why was it created?

2. How do I connect with the technical community?

3. Is there a review group for use cases?

4. Where is the document of APIs with definitions of methods and their descriptions, which is generated from source code?

5. Where can I get more general background?

6. "There are currently several incubator projects under the Hyperledger umbrella, including Fabric and Sawtooth Lake. They seem to be independent to each other and functionally somewhat overlapping. Can they be integrated together? Apologize if this is a silly question."

  • Not a silly question. Your observation of overlapping functionality is correct.
  • As for integrating them, there are some folks looking and interested in seeing what that would entail - for example, could we get Sawtooth Lake's POET running on the Fabric, or the PBFT running on STL?. Nothing formal has been proposed at the time of writing.
  • In addition, the business logic layers are also complementary… Fabric uses Chaincode in Dockers and Sawtooth Lake uses Transaction Families deployed to the validators. Cross-pollinating those layers could also be interesting.

7. What different purposes do Sawtooth and Fabric serve?

  • Sawtooth is a modular blockchain built for scalability and to support pluggable components at each layer, e.g. consensus. It has a few novel aspects including the default consensus (PoET) and the transaction family concept in the business logic layer (smart contracts if you like that term).
  • Fabric is also modular and includes an experimental consensus (sieve) and transaction logic deployed on chain executed in dockers (chaincode).

8. Can you point me to some relevant industry whitepapers and blogs?

9. Where can I learn more about membership services?

10. Where can I find information on Fabric's architecture?

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